Business Case Modelling

Industrial IoT-strategies and processes

- Formulation of IIoT strategies
- Coaching
- Implementation 

S&T Technologies facilitates companies‘ creation of high-performance and professional-level IIoT structures and processes capable of guaranteeing the meeting of requirements in sustainable and efficient ways.

This provision of support often starts with the formulation or revamping of a basic strategy towards IIoT. S&T Technologies provides the support needed by your organization to undertake such processes of transformation. This entails both the organization and architecture of their IT. 

Services provided include:

  • Formulation and implementation of IIoT strategies and parts thereof
  • Drafting and implementation of transformation processes
  • Formulation and implementation of IIoT processes
  • Evaluation and deployment of the tools required to support IIoT processes
  • Facilitation of projects by experienced project managers employed by S&T Technologies
  • Coaching of staff member and CIOs